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5 Reasons Why You Should Get The Six Sigma Certification

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In current IT industry, especially in the quality control segment, Six Sigma has become one of the most popular and sought after certifications that people seek. In late 2016, Six Sigma has been declared as a general business-management philosophy that focuses on improving customer retention, meeting customer requirements while also improving and sustaining the products of a company.

If you are considering getting a Six Sigma (6σ) training course, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

The Background

6σ was first introduced in 1986 by Mikel J Harry and Bill Smith, both employees of Motorola as a means for cycle-time emphasis and reduction of manufacturing defects to a certain level. Essentially, 6σ focuses on improving the quality of the final product/ output by removing the causes for defects and minimising variability.

6σ makes use of a set of methods for quality management, which are mostly empirical and statistical in nature. Using such methods it creates a unique infrastructure for the employees in an organization. Each such method comes with a specific set of steps and value targets.

All projects that follow 6σ have two methodologies –

  • DMAIC –  for improvement of existing business processes
  • DMADV – for developing or formulating new business processes

Each of these methodologies have 5 phases each.

Benefits Of Six Sigma Certification Training Course

There are many benefits of getting the 6σ certification. As an employee, you will have enhance prospects. As an employer, your product quality will improve drastically. To summarize, here are the primary reasons why experts recommend getting the 6σ certification.

1. Benefits Your Company

When you implement 6σ, the organization can be transformed to generate more revenue by identifying and preventing errors in the system. Additionally, eliminating errors also leads to improved customer satisfaction and thereby, increased business.

2. Skill To Enhance Business

Post receiving the six sigma certification, an employee will have the skill and the ability to have a better understanding of your company’s management and business processes. The six sigma training certification will help you measure, analyse and improve them to yield better results. You shall also have the skill to closely monitor the processes and hence, achieve sustained improvement of the overall working.

3. Wider Domains To Work In

Since six sigma applies to a large range of industries and since its applicability applies in most companies, you can work in anything from financial companies to aerospace. You will have the fortune to receive better job offers and higher respect.

4. Makes You A Better Leader

The 6σ certification makes sure that your business skills and well honed and polished. Once you complete training, you will be better equipped to analyze and improve conventional business processes and make changes in them to generate better quality products and higher revenue.

Your efficiency as an employee will increase several folds, you will also be better disposed to train and lead others to achieve better outputs.

5. Better Pay & Better Skills

Last but not the least, lean six sigma certification gets you better job offers with considerably higher packages. Globally, six sigma certified professionals are one of the highest paid ones in the IT industry. Apart from this, you will also gain some hands-on experience about business processes. Unlike other certification courses, six sigma deals with real time situations and hands-on projects across various industries. This means that through the six sigma  certification course alone, you will gain valuable industry experience.

Get Started Today!

We can go on all day about the many benefits that six sigma will add to your career, or we could just redirect you to where you can actually obtain the certification. Like we said before, the demand for skilled professionals is rising exponentially with each passing year. If you don’t amp up your game, you could easily get sidelined to a less challenging and fulfilling career.

So why are you waiting? Get started on your Six Sigma training to get six sigma certification today!