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DevOps training is vital for all developers so they can obtain possession as well, and understand how their code impacts response time and server resources utilization. DevOps is the craftsmen in the software development, that links software development to the operations to bridge the gap between the agile software development and operations experiences. This DevOps training will assist you in gaining knowledge on how to convey, work together, and create automate key processes and systems. DevOps Training will assist you become an expert and deploy the DevOps principles and tools in any software enterprise.

Course Description:

DevOps training will guide you through a transformation which can help in focusing on value and efficient delivery. It will cover concepts like technology and automation which play huge roles in DevOps success. Apart from that, you’ll also analyze the major capability areas and which technologies can grow your team on its way. DevOps certification training will help you master all the skills needed to effectively build, monitor, operate, measure and improve the various processes in IT enterprises by better integrating development and operations. Profitable application of DevOps will help you gain remembrance by realizing the organization’s development and business goals.

Devops Training

Course Curriculum:

The DevOps practitioner course helps in gaining the insight of:

  • The value, history, and building blocks of DevOps
  • Hands-on with the infrastructure components
  • Tool building with GIT and Jenkins
  • Containerization using Docker
  • Concepts and practices — Relating it to Agile, and Lean
  • Docker command and used cases
  • Managing source code
  • Test automation and test-driven development
  • Continuous monitoring using Nagios
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Configuration management with Puppet and Chef
  • Automating Backups
  • Data storage practices
  • Linking with the real-life projects and applications

Learnings you will gain in this DevOps online training course

DevOps online certification course will help you with:

  • Understanding the essential for DevOps and the problems it resolves
  • Better workflow
  • Better communication and feedback loops
  • Relating DevOps in an enterprise environment
  • Important success factors and key performance indicators
  • Real-life results and examples
  • Implement Automated Deployments and Installations
  • Know Presentation and basic Security Infrastructure
  • Implement Virtualization Ideas
  • Understand the need and concepts of Logging and Monitoring
  • Deploying key DevOps tools like Puppet, Nagios, Chef, Ansible
  • Monitoring DevOps performance metrics & success factors

Who should take this DevOps training course?

This online training module is the foundation course for those who are looking to be a DevOps Engineer or a Service Engineer. Numerous organizations, technology companies, e-commerce sites and even social media platforms are using the capabilities of DevOps. The DevOps training and certification is beneficial for:

  • Individuals and organizations looking for a basic knowledge of DevOp.
  • Employees, executives, shareholders, and suppliers who are leading or contributing to an organization’s DevOps initiatives
  • For consultants, guiding through DevOps process and programs
  • Software Developers
  • Internal and external suppliers
  • Business stakeholders
  • IT managers
  • Application and infrastructure providers whose products are part of the DevOps toolchain

Why should you take this DevOps certification training course?

Development and operations, both departments need to work simultaneously on the successful project completion. It’s about joint responsibility between traditionally separate functions within any IT firm: We have Developers (who are under pressure to deliver change) and Operations (who are responsible for stability). However, DevOps brings the organizational cultural shift, it enables the developer to understand infrastructural consequences of coding choices and it’s important that an Ops guy knows how the application work.

  • Our DevOps certification training course, enable you to master all the skills necessary to successfully build, operate, monitor, measure and improve the various processes in IT enterprises through better integration of development and operations.
  • The popularity of DevOps has improved significantly since its inception and there is a enormous demand for DevOps certified professionals in the industry. When you invest time in gaining knowledge of some of the tools commonly associated with DevOps, you will surely be gaining innovative job opportunities in top MNCs.
  • As per study in various assessments, DevOps certified professionals are among the highest paid in the IT industry. By receiving a DevOps certification, you can offer your organization loads of quantifiable benefits.
  • DevOps ideology promotes increased collaboration and communication between the operation and development teams.

If you are interested in this field, it is time you get started.



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