Top 10 Interview Questions To Ask While Hiring A Project Manager

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Project Mangers Interview Questions and Answers

For any company, hiring people that are skilled and professional is vital to the company’s success. As far as hirings are concerned, the role of a Project Manager is one of the most well thought out one. That is because that is the one person who will be the overall in-charge of planning and execution of the entire project.  Hire a bad project manager and that project could as well be doomed.

Senior management & HR professionals understand that hiring a good candidate is critical, yet most of them get caught up in the busy schedules of our work life and end up making a bad decision when it comes to hiring.  Such mistakes could be costly.

So if you are on the lookout for a great Project Manager for your company, here is how you can conduct an effective interview to pick the right one.

Begin The Right Way

The first step in hiring a Project Manager begins with sending out advertisements for the opening. This step is more crucial than you think. If you don’t draft a solid job description, countless MBA graduates will apply and you’ll be left with the task of filtering through them.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind while drafting the JD for a Project Manager –

Avoid generic descriptions. Be very critical about your requirements and mention them explicitly.

Good communication is vital. If need be, write down that anyone who isn’t confident about their communication shouldn’t bother applying.

Experience is an important parameter when it comes to hiring. However, it is irrelevant if the experience was in a domain that is not related to the one your company operates in. Look for relevant experience in a similar background.

How To Conduct A Good PMP Interview

Remember, a great project manager is someone who can complete the given task on time and on the right budget. The person should also be capable of staying calm and getting the team to be productive. Keeping all of this in mind, here are 10 project manager interview questions and answer that you should ask any candidate who applied for the position of a project manager.

1. Preliminary screening question set
This isn’t just one question, this is a set of 4-5 questions that you can ask the candidate in the first encounter. It could be via phone as well. All the basics like “where do you see yourself in few years”, “how much of a deadline pusher are you?” etc. These questions will not only help you understand the candidate better, it will also help you find out if the candidate is good at communication. This is a solid way to analyze verbal skills while also forming a basic impression about the person.

2. Tell me about your career path. How did you venture into project management roles?
Expected answer: A brief yet descriptive answer that would summarize his or her industrial experience while revealing why the person holds an interest in this field.

3. Describe your most challenging project. Stress on some vital decisions you had to take.
Expected answer: An honest narrative of what the candidate recognizes as a big challenge. The answer should ideally cover his role in the project in detail.

4. What is your experience in the industry you are applying to?
Expected answer: An honest answer is what we are looking for. The pace at which a person learns is often more valuable than actual domain knowledge in some cases.

5. What metrics do you use to measure the progress of the project you are monitoring?
Expected answer: Attendance, quality, actual cost, the return of investment etc are some of the parameters that should be in the candidate’s answer.

6. How do you typically handle with clients or employees who are low motivated?
What to look for: The candidate should himself be pretty motivated himself. Someone who is low on energy and enthusiasm could easily bring down team morale. Look for someone who is generous about praising a work well done.

7. How do you hold up when there’s a difficult task or a failure?
What to look for: Watch out for blame games. If the candidate tends to blame all of it on one particular employee or reason, it is a bad sign. Look for a team player who hails his team for the work they did and was sad that despite their best efforts, the project was moved to yellow or red status.

8. What do you think is the most important skill required by a PM?
Expected answer: Communication, team management, risk management & negotiation are words to look for.

9. Tell us about some interesting projects you managed and what methods you employed for it.
Expected answer: A brief description of what the candidate perceives as his most interesting project. Would be great if the candidate is aware of styles of management such as agile, waterfall or self-organizing teams etc.

10. Is there someone you look up to as a mentor? What skills did you learn from him?
Expected answer: An honest is what we need. If the person doesn’t have a mentor, it is fine. However if does have a mentor, pay attention to the skills he claims to have picked up.

All The Best!

A good PMP interview must be conversational. Do not tick off questions and reply with “Ok cool”. Listen to the candidate and what he has to say. Remember a bad hire will cost you time, money and a lot of other resources.

It is strongly recommended that you do a bit of research on the person on the Internet. You would be surprised to find how much information is available on the net about people today.

Alright, then. Good luck! We hope you hire the best Project Manager ever!

Hope these Project Manager interview question and answers are helpfull


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