What Is Tableau Certification and Training Course?

Tableau training is to make your business data organized in understandable and productive manner. Tableau training will help you master building interactive tableau dashboards and learn data visualization. Tableau is an interactive data visualization tool that can be utilized by even non-technical professionals to come up with customized dashboards and generate compelling business insights using a wide variety of data sources. Tableau is an industry leading Business Intelligence tool that focuses on data visualization, dashboarding and data discovery. Now, if you are looking at Enterprise BI Reporting Tools, Tableau will not fit every need. It’s not for operational reporting/tabular reporting. In these cases, Tableau is an excellent tool to augment an Enterprise suite. In recent times, businesses are expanding more than ever and organizational data has become enormous, needing BI to an optimum level. BI softwares are very agile and up to date, so, if your organization is moving forward, so should your business intelligence softwares. Tableau is such BI software which is not only easy to use but also interactive and effective enough to fulfill your highly professional needs.

Tableau Course Description

Tableau Certification Training program will catalyse your grip on concepts of data visualization with a firm understanding of Tableau Architecture. You will be well-versed in the concepts of Filters, Parameters, Graphs, Maps, Table Calculation and Dashboards. You will gain further expertise in data blending, data aggregation and R Connectivity with Tableau. Tableau Desktop is one of the most used data visualization, reporting and Business Intelligence tool in the world. It has regularly been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Tableau is simple to use requiring minimum skill level and has great visualization capabilities making it the reporting tool of choice for multiple enterprises.

Tableau Curriculum

Topics included in the Tableau course are enlisted below:

  1. Introduction to Tableau Desktop 10.3
  2. Tableau Desktop Interface
  3. Connecting Data Sources
  4. Organizing Data
  5. Formatting Data
  6. Calculations
  7. Visualizations
  8. Analysis using Desktop
  9. Mapping
  10. Field in tableau
  11. Parameters
  12. Creating dashboard and stories

What you will learn in this Tableau online training course?

Upon the Tableau training course completion, you will be able to:

  1. Master data sources as well as datable blending, creating data extracts, organizing and formatting data.
  2. Understand Tableau Desktop Architecture and how to use Tableau in real life
  3. Tableau statistics and Tableau interactive dashboard
  4. Master Tableau Reporting, Graphs, Maps, Table Calculation
  5. Simplify and organize data with data connections
  6. Master Special Field Types and Tableau Generated Fields
  7. Master Arithmetic, logical, table and LOD calculations and ad-hoc analytics
  8. Learn to implement Data Aggregation
  9. Understand R Connectivity with Tableau
  10. Gain knowledge on using R scripts in Tableau
  11. Perform real time analytics and Tableau data visualization
  12. Prepare for Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam

Who should take this Tableau training course?

If you want to learn Tableau 10 from the scratch, you should opt for Tableau training course. Also, if you like to enter in the domain of analytics, the tableau online training is extremely suitable for you. With our tableau training course you leverage your full potential to earn a new skill. When you are aiming for posts like Analytics professionals, IT developers & testers, Data analysts, Data scientists, BI and reporting professionals, and Project managers then you will find the course fruitful for your resume.

Also, Professionals aspiring for a career in growing and demanding fields of real-time big data analytics and business users who want to develop a set of core Tableau Desktop find the Tableau training of their taste.

Why should you take this Tableau certification training course?

  1. Work on live projects: The Tableau Desktop 10 training will give you hands-on experience in Tableau through industry projects.
  2. Salary hike: As Indeed.com claims that average Tableau certified individuals salaries are 77% higher than average for all other salaries.
  3. Builds your resume: Holding a Tableau certification distinguishes you as an expert. Get noticed by the potential employers.
  4. As Gartner claims, Tableau is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI for fourth year.