What is SAP Certification: SAP Eligibility And SAP Benefits

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In recent times, the IT industry has undergone much progress. Many certification courses come up regularly and are aimed at enhancing overall efficiency and skill of the professionals involved in the industry. To put it layman terms, SAP is an application software that integrates internal and external management functions which ultimately results in saving time, resources and money.

SAP certification is given through an exam conducted by SAP AG a German company, which is a prominent provider of Enterprise and Resource Planning (ERP) software. The course in itself is pretty expensive, which is typically why it is your employer who sends you for and pays for your SAP certification.

The domain that SAP is relevant to is highly competitive. Unless you are guaranteed a better job by your employer or some company, getting a SAP certification may not be that highly beneficial.

Eligibility & Fees

SAP certification is typically opted for by people who are already in the field and hence, have some basic understanding of it. Ideally, people with the following qualifications can consider SAP training –

B.Tech/ B.E
MCA or Any Masters

In addition to any of the above degrees, if you have experience in Purchase, Sales or even Accounts, you have a better chance for qualifying for the certification course.

The SAP training course is pretty pricey. It can range anywhere from INR 30,000 to a few lakhs. The price depends on the modules you are getting certified in and the institution providing it to you.

SAP Modules

Each function in the SAP software is called a Module. Here’s an overview of the complete set of modules in SAP.

Finance/Accounting (FI)
Human resources (HR)
Production Planning and Manufacturing (PP)
Project System (PS)
Quality Management (QM)
Management Accounting (CO)
Materials Management(MM)
Sales and Distribution (SD)
Each module can be studied and certified separately.

Benefits Of SAP Certification

Better Pay

The IT industry is getting competent with each passing day. There is no dearth for qualified professionals, so having that extra edge, helps immensely. If you are a certified SAP professional, it will reflect on your pay.

Better Jobs

A SAP certification drastically improves your chances of getting a better and more challenging job, of course they both come with better pay. On an average, SAP professionals earn better pay than MBA graduates.

Better Recognition

When you hold more challenging jobs with better pay, your industry value rises in proportion. In a few years, you’ll be able to occupy top positions in companies that are big players in their respective domains.

Climb The Ladder To Success

If you are already in the industry, a SAP certification is a certain way to climb up that tough corporate ladder. SAP training enhances your skills and makes you better qualified to handle business projects.

In India, there are many institutions which conduct SAP courses. It shouldn’t be too difficult to one that suits you. So, why wait? Get started already!


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